Our Services


  • An awesome, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  • Bright and spacious lobby with room to spread out.

  • 20-minute appointments and a commitment to little to no wait time.


  • Our electronic record keeping makes tracking patient histories and charts efficient and seamless.

  • Allows for easy printing/emailing of medical records, vaccination certificates and discharge notes.

  • A client portal/app (PetDesk) where you can request appointments and refills, access your pet’s vaccine status and medication history right on your device.


  • Large exam rooms with excellent lighting, giving a sense of calm to both you and your pet

  • Exams are 20 minutes, or longer if needed and are never rushed.

  • Our doctors are the care-givers, unlike corporate practices.

  • For special circumstances, we offer drop-off appointments and medical observation if needed.


  • Domestic travel certificates available during routine exams.

  • Our International Travel Specialist will help you obtain an international health certificate for your pet(s).


  • Digital radiography, high quality images with immediate access in medical records, and for instant viewing with clients.

  • Images can be emailed, printed or burned to a disk for referral purposes.

  • Digital dental radiography.


  • Full in house IDEXX/Abaxis laboratory, allowing for quick return of Laboratory results.

  • Numerous reference laboratories used for specialty testing.


  • State of the art surgery suite and monitoring equipment, including ECG, carbon dioxide monitoring, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature.

  • Modern anesthesia procedures using veterinary anesthesiologist recommended protocols.

  • We perform mass removals, spay/neuter, soft tissue surgery, wound repair, select orthopedic procedures, and emergency abdominal surgery

  • Thorough pain management throughout the recovery/healing process.


  • High speed compressed air unit for efficient and safe dental procedures.

  • Digital dental X-rays for rapid evaluation of tooth health.

  • Same monitoring and protocols as general surgery.


  • Comprehensive in-house pharmacy.

  • Full line of veterinary diets.

  • Refills for in-house medications available through the App.


  • We have dog and cat treats in reception, plus a range of over the counter supplements and collars/leashes.

  • Microchipping and registration once microchipped our front desk staff will walk you through the lifetime licensing process for Bucks County residents.

Washington Crossing Animal Hospital

1240 General Washington Memorial Blvd

Washington Crossing, PA 18977

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